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Dr. Diana Singh

Dr. Diana Singh - Affiliate

Dr. Diana Singh is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Sociology at McMaster University and specializes in work stress and mental health. Dr. Singh’s research focuses on the multidimensionality of emotional labour, (the requirement to manage emotions as part of one’s work role). She has published research on work stress in the context of emotional labour intensive occupations (e.g. social workers, teachers, police officers, etc.), and currently examines the role of gender, race and class in shaping the mental health consequences of emotion management across social groups. Dr. Singh has received funding from McMaster’s Arts Research Board (SSHRC Explore—Standard Research and Research Creation Grant), for a project entitled, “A Comparative Study of Emotional Labour Occupations.” Through this grant, Dr. Singh will investigate emotion management and mental health among Canadian workers in service based occupations, where the risk of burnout, exhaustion and the emotional transfer from work to home threatens the mental health and overall well-being of Canadian workers and their families.

Dr. Singh is also a project coordinator for a multi-year Canada-wide study designed to better understand how work-family conflict influences mental health and the quality of life for working Canadians. The “Family-Friendly Community Resource Project for Better Balance, Health and Well-Being (FFCR-BHW), is led by The Canada Research Chair in Mental Health and Work-Life Transitions, Dr. Marisa Young (PI) at McMaster University. Dr. Singh’s current role is to assist Dr. Young with coordinating various aspects of the project.

Dr. Singh is a service provider for the Ashley Boca Mindfulness Foundation.