"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom"
– Viktor Frankl

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Mission Statement

Integrity, Truth, Diversity, Caring, Innovation

To work with leaders in the mental health arena, schools, workplaces and communities to bring about reform, awareness, skills and resources leading to an extraordinary life, full of possibilities for all and suicide prevention through a professional, innovative and caring approach

Board of Directors

Diane Boca - Chair & President

Diane Boca is currently a Toronto realtor, with New York state real estate experience as well and formerly an Insurance Broker. She has had the opportunity to create and lead high performance teams in a career that has spanned international for-profit financial services sector for over 20 years. Diane is known for her compassion, fresh perspective, ambitious driven/dynamic style, authenticity, collaborative and hands-on approach. She is a visionary thinker with an intuitive understanding of business and personal dynamics within organizations, allowing her to create strategies to deliver both personal and financial success. Using her appetite for knowledge and life experiences, she creates impact and garners the trust of others. Diane is a founding member of the Ashley Boca Mindfulness Foundation and brings lived experience perspective to the team.

Bhavani Kidambi – Treasurer

Bhavani Kidambi is an accounting professional with experience in finance, accounting and audit. She currently works as a Senior Finance Lead at Legacy Private Trust - a company that specializes in fiduciary services, focusing on financial reporting and commentary, budgeting and forecasting, client reviews, as well as developing strategic long-term plans. She handles personal clients over the weekend by helping develop and manage their accounting systems. Her prior experience includes working in public accounting for Grant Thornton India LLP.

She holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce, a post-graduation in forensic accounting, and is in the CPA Program.

She is following her interest into the world of Non-Profits as she joins the Ashley Boca Mindfulness Foundation. She strongly believes in giving back and resonates highly with the mission of the foundation to support and spread awareness on tackling mental health illness. She hopes that this foundation’s vision and values garner the right amount of attention to serve as many people in need as possible.

When she’s not busy working or studying, she likes to take time out to blog, doodle, swim, and travel!

Trisha Boca - Secretary

Trisha Boca, RPN graduate at Mohawk College/McMaster University in Nursing with experience in Cardiology, Pre/Post Surgery, and Geriatrics specializing in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. She is currently taking the next steps to achieve certification as a Mental Health Nurse. Trisha brings over 10 years of Administrative experience. Trisha has focused on growing as an individual. She holds her Family & Friends close to her heart. Travelling is her passion. Trisha is focused on following her passion in both healthcare and hoping to have a positive impact on the community and contributing her time and skills to improve people's lives, especially those who suffer from Mental illness and awareness in suicide prevention as it resides personally as she is a cousin of Ashley Boca. – This is for you Ash!

David Primorac – Marketing & Communications

David Primorac is a member of the board and oversees Marketing and Communications for the Ashley Boca Mindfulness Foundation.

He has spent nearly 20 years building marketing and communication strategies for some of Canada’s largest corporations and consumer brands. He draws from an extensive portfolio that includes marketing and brand communications, product launches, special events, issues and crisis management, corporate reputation, sustainability, philanthropy, and a wide variety of corporate communication and marketing mandates.

David was previously a board member of the Vancouver Pride Society where he chaired the corporate sponsorship committee. He was a member of the organizing committee with Pride Toronto for several years where he managed Food and Beverage functions. David has also been involved with numerous volunteer and mentorship programs over the years.

Mary Lindsey – Program Liaison

Mary Lindsey is a Registered Social Worker who currently works as a Program Manager in a not for profit supportive housing agency. She completed her Master of Social Work degree at York University in 2010, after having worked for several years with marginalized adults. At present, she is in the process of establishing a private counseling and therapy practice. Her approach draws on elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. She has an Interest in promoting compassionate and holistic programs for individuals struggling with emotional dysregulation. Mary served as treasurer on Board of Directors of Innstead Housing Cooperative, January 2016—July 2018.


Dr. Diana Singh

Dr. Diana Singh is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Sociology at McMaster University and specializes in work stress and mental health. Dr. Singh’s research focuses on the multidimensionality of emotional labour, (the requirement to manage emotions as part of one’s work role). She has published research on work stress in the context of emotional labour intensive occupations (e.g. social workers, teachers, police officers, etc.), and currently examines the role of gender, race and class in shaping the mental health consequences of emotion management across social groups. Dr. Singh has received funding from McMaster’s Arts Research Board (SSHRC Explore—Standard Research and Research Creation Grant), for a project entitled, “A Comparative Study of Emotional Labour Occupations.” Through this grant, Dr. Singh will investigate emotion management and mental health among Canadian workers in service based occupations, where the risk of burnout, exhaustion and the emotional transfer from work to home threatens the mental health and overall well-being of Canadian workers and their families.

Dr. Singh is also a project coordinator for a multi-year Canada-wide study designed to better understand how work-family conflict influences mental health and the quality of life for working Canadians. The “Family-Friendly Community Resource Project for Better Balance, Health and Well-Being (FFCR-BHW), is led by The Canada Research Chair in Mental Health and Work-Life Transitions, Dr. Marisa Young (PI) at McMaster University. Dr. Singh’s current role is to assist Dr. Young with coordinating various aspects of the project.

Dr. Singh is a service provider for the Ashley Boca Mindfulness Foundation.

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